Monday, 27 September 2010

Is Federer Story Ended For All Times??

Roger Federer Was World No .1 at the end of 2009 but after winning first Grand slam of the year Australian Open he is unable to reach any of the Grand Slam final which gave a true look at his performance and at age of 28 how tough grand slams can be.

Once dethroned from World No 1 crown he was quick to get back as a king of Tennis but he is facing same situation again but with lot less chances to get back at the top again.

Next year he will be 29 and things will start to bounce as what i did last year and this year i am one year old than previous year . Thats a big downfall a player have with going up the years.

So, what should we expect next year ?Will Federer be back at top at Wimbledon next year or we are going to see another three slam year for R.Nadal that takes her grand slam tally to 12 at age 24.

Federer has said he wants to win 20 slams but this statement seems very much out of question now as he just been able to win only one in 2010.