Friday, 28 October 2011

IS Federer-Nadal rivalry over??

For Tennis fans there may not be more charm than watching Federer-Nadal rivalry. The pair has dominated the scene since the 2005 and the last battle was just few month ago in Roland Garros

But many fans ask the question is Federer-Nadal rivalry over for all times to come? Well, the answer is big ’NO’. Many Tennis pundits have predicted even before the start of 2011 season that Federer may not be able to qualify for more Grand slam finals but against all odds he did not only qualified for the Roland Garros final but also gave a tough fight to Nadal before ousting the Novak Djokovic who only lost once in four Grand Slams.

Federer has more Grand Slams in history than anyone else and this sole factor makes him a special individual even now when he is into his 30s.

Federer still has the ability to win Grand slams in 2012 although he hasn’t won single in 2011 but he will be fresh and mentally stronger in 2012 against all odds. Though Federer didn’t win US Open but he produced a great Semi final against Novak Djokovic.

Federer has repeatedly said that he wants to win a single Olympic gold title which he hasn’t won yet. It will be interesting to see whether he accomplishes this feat or not in London Olympics 2012.