Sunday, 25 October 2009

Roger Federer still World No 1 but will he be at the end of 2010

If 21st century has seen very best in its very first decade it is none other than Roger Federer.

With records 15 Grand slam titles in his career Roger Federer is still world no 1 Player and continues to be only dominant force in men's tennis.

The elegance ,stamina and fitness makes Federer an ultimate champion that has achieved greater heights and continues to do so.

After the weepy start of 2009 with five set loss to then World No 1 and arch rival Rafael Nadal , Federer enabled not only finish the year as World no 1 but also achieved record 15 grand slam title ,won French Open for the first time ,regained Wimbledon Title and had twin girls.

Federer called 2009 best year. He would have never imagined this when he was weeping on stage after Australian open Final loss to N but it simply goes to show how much colors a year have for you.

Tennis masters believe 2010 will be a tough year for Federer as new players are getting better and specially after the rise of Del Potro there are more than one rivals for federer .

Murray, Nadal, Djokovic and Delpotro are making life difficult for Federer to stay at the top ,he is 28 now but will he be no.1 at 29 ,its the Million Dollar question.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Federer loss to Del Potro : What does this signifies

Federer started U.S Open as hot favourite and in fact only favourite to win U.S open title like five previous years but it wasn't to be, he fell just short from making history in open era by winning 6th consecutive title win.

After regaining the World No1 spot ,Federer was a threat to all those who thought he is gone now but he has proved he is still in it and he will continue to win as long as he continues playing.

Though there are no more targets left for Federer to achieve in terms of Number of grand slams but he can still reach 20 grand slams if he continues to play till 2012 as he has often said.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Federer Vs Delpotro ; Keep your fingers crossed

Federer vs Martin del potro is going to be a real thriller at U.S Open .

Keeping in mind the style that Delpotro ousted Nadal it is greatly expected he can give Federer a real fight and a five setter will not be an upset.

Delpotro have shown all of us he can be future World No 1 if he continues to play like this and his height is a great advantage over Murray, Nadal and Djokovic.

Though Federer defeated him at Roland Garros in five sets but this is altogether different scene, Now delpotro is full of Confidence after beating Nadal just one day earlier.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Roger Federer competes for 6th Consecutive U.S Open title

World No.1 Roger Federer will start his quest for 6th consecutive U.S Open title from tomorrow in New York.
Federer is at his best form winning First French Open and 6th Wimbledon title breaking the all time 14 grand slam title record of Pete Sampras.
Federer faces no real threat in this tournament as Nadal is out of form and little resistance can be seen from Andy Murray who is world no 2 now.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Roger Federer takes Fatherhood as a Challenge

World no 1 and best player ever to play the game Roger Federer takes father hood as another challenge as he became the father of twin girls on July 23 09.
Federer said he has no experience at handling kids and it will be a challenge living with short sleepless nights and changing nappy.
It is yet to be seen whether becoming father will change the tennis play of Federer or not?

Monday, 6 July 2009

For Little roger To Come

Roger Federer Claims 15th Grand Slam title

Roger Federer defeated American Andy Roddick in 5 set marathon thriller final at Wimbledon.
Match went to 5 sets and it was hard to decide a winner and final set went to 16-14 as both players dominated their service games and Big serve of Roddick was just broken once in the last game of the match.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Roger Federer Claims Madrid Title

Roger Federer has indeed defeated World no 1 Rafael Nadal on his beloved court in his home. Madrid.

This win is the first ever against Nadal in his 33 match win streak.

After all Federer proved he is still ruling tennis world and if he managed to win French open he might again claim no 1 ranking with Wimbledon just round the corner.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Will Federer Be Able To Stop Nadal From 5th Consecutive French Open Title

Many of us might not forget the scenes at Australian open final this year but we are again into march and it is almost the time for start of Clay court season and King of clay is again here.
This time Federer is one year more older than last year and Nadal has beaten him twice in grand slam final than in the same tournament very last year.
We don't see any other hurdle in the way of Nadal other than Federer yet to out class him at clay ,may be he going to win 8 consecutive French Open titles .

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Common Federer ! Throw this scot chick out

Roger Federer although beaten by Andy Murray in Semi final at Abu dhabi but we should not under estimate the Federer power to come back .

Federer after losing to Murray said he was trying some things but Federer must remember that young chicks are coming fast to international scene and he must keep pace with fast moving young chicks.