Sunday, 25 October 2009

Roger Federer still World No 1 but will he be at the end of 2010

If 21st century has seen very best in its very first decade it is none other than Roger Federer.

With records 15 Grand slam titles in his career Roger Federer is still world no 1 Player and continues to be only dominant force in men's tennis.

The elegance ,stamina and fitness makes Federer an ultimate champion that has achieved greater heights and continues to do so.

After the weepy start of 2009 with five set loss to then World No 1 and arch rival Rafael Nadal , Federer enabled not only finish the year as World no 1 but also achieved record 15 grand slam title ,won French Open for the first time ,regained Wimbledon Title and had twin girls.

Federer called 2009 best year. He would have never imagined this when he was weeping on stage after Australian open Final loss to N but it simply goes to show how much colors a year have for you.

Tennis masters believe 2010 will be a tough year for Federer as new players are getting better and specially after the rise of Del Potro there are more than one rivals for federer .

Murray, Nadal, Djokovic and Delpotro are making life difficult for Federer to stay at the top ,he is 28 now but will he be no.1 at 29 ,its the Million Dollar question.

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