Saturday, 1 March 2008

politicalactive endorse Ahmed MUKHTAR FOR PM

Ch Ahmed mukhtar ,a distinguished industrialist got an MBA degree from U.S in 1974.he is an honest man and man of calibre.
As there emerged different names for PM Ship after Amin Fahim,there is strong support in the party for mr Ahmed Mukhtar.yes,you are right the man which defeated CH Shujaat Hussain by a considerable margin.other names areYousuf Raza Gillani and Shah Mehmood Qureshi.
There are various reasons for his support for PM.First and foremost,because he is senior member of party and is only younger than Sardar Asif Ahmed ALI.So,he has lot of experience under his belt and in democracies its old people that lead.This country can gain a lot fron his experience.
Secondly,he is from Gujrat,a city where there is no rule of law at all.since last 5 years there is complete chaos in Gujrat.people used to threatened just because of talikng against the government.otherwise,we can call choudharies the mqm of gujrat.they have the same policy as,to break such dismal situation of a city and bring some kind of progress to city, it is worth to make PM from Gujrat.He is an industrialist and Gujrat is a big Industrialist city.
Mr Ahmed Mukhtar can prove to be a best PM for this country and we pray for the best of this country and also for MR AHMED MUKHTAR.

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