Thursday, 11 September 2008

Zardari must restore Chief Justice Iftikhar

Presidential elections are over and Asif Zardari is the new President of Pakistan. Besides other issues there is a grave issue of judiciary. Judiciary is called a vital pillar of state but unfortunately in our country over nearly a year now, our judiciary is not working at all. PCO judges are reluctant to give any just decision as much as their own appointment and job is based on injustice.

The man behind all the chaos and confusion is none other than PPP law minister Farooq h.naik . He has proved himself a true successor of Wasi Zafar and also new Attorney General is not behind at all. These two men have given the task to confuse the whole situation and make these brave and just judges controversial.

Asif Zardari must not forget that by delaying the restoration of chief justice he is not only losing popular support but also it is hurting his reputation badly. Numerous deadlines given by Nawaz sharif for the restoration of judiciary has resulted in breaking of the coalition government and if Zardari want the government to stabilize and with with harmony with all segments of political parties then he must restore the judiciary on NOV,3 position.

It is point of great concern that second largest political party of this country do not believe in current judiciary and everyday the condemnation statements are issued by their Leadership. Just think what effect this would make on the layman who is unaware of whole situation.

Zardari has to realize by not restoring judiciary is he following the footsteps of Musharraf or the people who voted for him?.Late Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had also promised to restore chief justice and hoist the flag over his house by her hands.

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